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Above Board was born out of necessity for adventurous, wellness-focused folks. Whether we were kicking back on the patio after an ambitious day hike, sipping fireside with friends, or golfing after a rigorous workweek, we needed a better go-to cocktail.

Equally as interested in doing as we are drinking,

we wanted to rise above unimpressive, sugary mixers that made us feel sluggish after just one beverage. Putting the grit in integrity, Above Board relentlessly avoids shortcuts. Sure, it’s a labor of love, but we feel obliged to provide what your lifestyle demands because it’s our way of life, too.

So if you’re like us, in search of a lighter option that never skimps on amazing flavor, welcome to the A/B community. Raise a glass, copper cup, or that banged up enamel mug you always use. Here’s a toast to honor your tireless pursuits. 

We’ll see you
out there.

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